Monday, May 29, 2006

Wow. I'm tired.

So my week has just been hectic. Here is what I did:

1. I finished school last week.
2. Started working more.
3. Moved into my new place.
4. Left for Alabama Friday night (road trip).
5. Got to Alabama at 05:30.
6. Only slept until 09:00.
7. Went to church on Sunday.
8. Went to baccalaureate Sunday night.
9. Went to my little brother's graduation on Tuesday night. (Way to go Christopher!)
10. Left for Maryland on Wednesday.
11. Got to Maryland at midnight.
12. Slept until 06:45 and went to work.
13. Got home from work on Wednesday and unpacked all my stuff until 23:30.
14. Drove Sara home in Baltimore.
15. Got home at 01:30.
16. Woke up again at 06:45 and went to work.
17. Worked all day Thursday. Worked all day Friday.
18. Friday at 19:00 loaded up my car and headed to Easten, MD.
19. Got there and hung out with Jessica and her family and boyfriend (who I just met).
20. Woke up the next day at 08:30 to get ready for Christine's wedding (I also just met her, it's Jessica's sister).
21. Went to a wedding.
22. Went to a reception.
23. Danced A LOT!!!
24. Went to sleep.
25. Woke up to go eat some Maryland crabs (see previous post. I didn't eat any).
26. Headed out of Easton at about 14:00 for Ocean City.
27. Layed out and played on the beach until 19:00.
28. Walked along the boardwalk until 23:00 (Sara kicked my butt at Skee-ball *frown*)
29. Drove back to Easton because Sara and I forgot our formal clothes we wore to the wedding.
30. Drove back home to Frederick and got here at 03:00.
31. Slept and just woke up now.

Wow. I got tired just typing that and remembering it all. But yes. Now I must get my tire on my car fixed (I replaced them and one has a slow leak), go grocery shopping, and maybe go hiking in celebration of all the brave men and women who have died to give me this country.

Whether I go hiking or not, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Remember the high cost of our freedom and the brave men and women who have fought for what they believed in.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Maryland Crabs---blech!!!

I had Maryland crabs today, and they are gross. A crab should never be saltier than a vagina. And that's that.