Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So, it's still a good day. It's beautiful outside. It's about 40 degrees, and it's raining. I love the rain.

But I did wake up thrashing around because I had a nightmare. And I might have had nail marks in my arm from that too. Not that I want to go into details, but I hate nightmares. I haven't had one in years, actually, in more like 10 years. Ick.

But now I'm watching Superman. And my life is whole.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm just happier and happier...

I don't know why, but for some reason each day is just so much better than the last lately. It's great to have this weeking. It's not as though nothing is going wrong, it's just that when things do go wrong they're not a big deal. I'm smiling, I think of good things, I'm just happy!

Well, enough of the feelings, let's talk about what I've been doing!

This weekend was our Fall Break. So we had Monday and Tuesday off. I was supposed to goto Flordia, but you can see how that worked out. I fixed my car on like Thursday, so that was GREAT because now I have a ride when it's rainy/cold/wet. Not saying that I don't like my bike, I love it, but I don't think I would like it as much if it were my only mode of transportation. Though lately it's been more reliable than my car.

The other nice thing has been hanging out with people. I think I prefer girls when they have boyfriends. It reminds me more of home. Not prefer as in I want to date them, but just prefer them as in it's more comforting to hang out with them. I'm not constantly worring about whether I should kiss them, or if they're about to kiss me. There is one girl on campus that kind of freaks me out when she comes on to me. But she's foreign so I don't actually know if she is coming on to me. It could just be her culture. But the other two foreign girls I've been hanging out with both have bfs, so they're just isn't any feelings, or thoughts of feelings. It's wonderful!

Yesterday and today I went to work and have been getting quite a bit done lately. Its nice that I've been getting so much done and that it's billable work, so I'm making my company money.

Today I also built a little stand for my desk. This is so I can shove my keyboard and laptop underneath my monitor to make Beowulf translations a bit roomier. Here's what it looks like.

Other than that I've just been writing a bit more. I've also been keeping a dream journal lately, which is kind of fun. I'm just having so much FUN and I like it!

== Craig

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Life life life life life

I read a good quote today. I think it was on someone's away message. But pretty much it said the reason to live is that there is life all around you. I like that. Don't know why, but I just do.

Well, I had hoped to goto Florida this weekend for fall break, but I cannot get the time off work. That means no beach for me. But I can spend the weekend instead fixing my car and bike. My car has been broken for about 3 weeks now and it's getting rainy and cold (which makes riding my motorcycle a pain).

I've also determined that I get myself in situations sometimes which are beyond my fixing, and that it's no fun to be in them.

My roommate is really cool. I'm glad he and I are friends. He gets down about women though. He thinks women don't like him, which is funny because he's a pimp and women through themselves at him all the time, but he just doesn't want THOSE women, he wants the women that don't want him. Grrr. People!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Things I've noticed...

1. That things are always what they appear to be.
2. You shouldn't be scared or yourself.
3. I have really cool friends.
4. Buffered and non-buffered RAM is NOT the same thing as Registered or non-Registered RAM.
5. People don't know anything about copyright law and end up screwing a lot of good inventors.
6. Intangible items are beyond most people's mental capacity.
7. That debates in class about copyright law quickly turn into, "Let's ask an audience member questions and have him answer them."
8. Bellybuttons aren't that bad looking after all.
9. That I still really like my tattoo.
10. It's hard to ride a motorcycle when it's raining.
11. Hood's internet is slow at 10:45am on a friday.
12. That this list is way to long, but atleast it's a healthy mix of good and bad things.