Sunday, July 31, 2005

Vacation Journal: July 24, 2005

Right now everyone is huddled around their game of monopoly. I am not playing due to a horrible headache I developed about two hours ago.

We arrived from Maryland yesterday afternoon at about five. From there we first unloaded the cars in a hurry so that we could go down to the lake.

I have to say that the cabin is not what I expected. I was expercting some trailer half-hazardly placed on a plot of land. It is a self-built home with two bedrooms, a dining room, living room (with a piano), den, kitchen, bathroom, and a huge deck with a view of the lake below.

The lake is another plus. It's this beautiful expanse of sparkling water. The water is clean, the temperature is nice, and the friends are good too.

On the lake we have five craft. A whaler, canoe, sail boat, sail suft board, and a paddle boat. There is technically a bigger boat by the cabin, but it is not currently running and most of us have no intension of getting it running.

I've learned a lot about each of the people I'm with this week. Lesleh is really loving all the attention I am able to give her so far. It's so much easier to give her attention now that I'm on vacation.

Michael is becoming quite whinny. though I think most of it is due to feeling out of place most of the time. I wish I could say that he only feels out of place here amongst couples, but more and more lately I've noticed that he just always is a bit awkward around people. I don't know how to explain it, but he is just intense about everything.

Sean is just the opposite of Mike. It's funny that Sean is now the cool and calm guy. When I first met Sean he always seemed like such the planner, like everything had to be planned, but here he has no plans what-so-ever. His only concern is Nancy.

And finally that brings me to the newest member of our group, and that is Sean's girlfriend, Nancy. I really like her. She seems like a good fit for Sean. She is really quiet towards me, but Lesleh and her have really hit it off.
Well, I'm going to start making dinner.



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