Sunday, July 31, 2005

Vacation Journal: July 28, 2005

So Mike seems to be getting on everyone's nerves of late. I think of late it's that he doesn't seem to be doing anything to help out. I've pretty much cooked dinner every night. Sean and Nancy have been doing and cleaning every lunch. And Lesleh has done the dishes after every dinner.
Mike pretty much goes nothing. Yesterday we had him do the dishes after dinner and the dishes were dirty and put back wet.

Tonight he's in charge of the fries. Hopefully that will go well. He's kept pretty much to himself today. He and I played some chess in the morning. He is actually a really good chess player. Then we went out on the pier with Sean, Nancy, and Lesleh; while I stayed in and worked on Beowulf.

I went down after a bit and hung out with Lesleh, Sean, and Nancy while Mike was still reading. That was fun. We'd like to all take a trip again, but without Mike.

He also just relaxes differently than all us. We were driving down to the outlets the other day and he was explaining how he was getting "stir-crazy" because he has nothing to do. To me, having nothing to do was the point of this whole trip. I was even a bit leary that Lesleh would give me too much to do.

But alas, I have a suspicion that our friendship is coming to a close. It is a good thing that my friendship with Sean has been strengthened, and that my relationship with Jenny is already at the point where I don't need Mike to hang out with her.

I feel bad about the fact that most of the things that I liked about Mike are what really piss me off about him now. I liked the fact that he liked to fix things, but now if he isn't fixing something he is so high-strung. Also, I don't like the way he talks about Jenny. She's my friend and while I think that they just need to go their separate ways, I don't think that.... I forgot what I was saying there....

Other than that we found a cat tonight. It's a wonderful cat, very loving. We are keeping it for the night until we can get a hold of the humane society.

-- Craig


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