Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A note about victims

Well, let me just warn you that I know I'm going to get into trouble for posting this. The reason for this is that it's a very controversal topic. Well, two topics really. I would like to blanket my statemens with the disclaimer that I don't believe in this 100%, but I do believe in it some.

Okay, here goes. I saw a sign on campus that said, "Stop Violence Against Women." And my first thought was, "but violence against small boys is fine? Or violence against girls? Or violence against grown men? Are they saying that somehow a violent crime against a grown woman is somehow more bad than violence against a child or a man?" Why not just "Stop Violence"? Why must we give the impression that violence against women is somehow worse than violence against any human being.

So yeah. And then, I read a blog by one of my friends with the title of something like, "Son, one day you will grow into a man, and Men can do terrible things." WTF? First off. PEOPLE can do terrible things. Not just men. Secondly, if you're really going to seperate the sexes that way, more men grow up to do good things than terrible ones. Why not start it off as, "Daughter, one day you will be able to procreate, and you can abandon your child in a dumpster..." I mean, no one would start a blog off that way. Why must men always be made into the bad guys? A few mothers drown there kids or throw their infants into dumpsters and those are the exceptions. A few men sexually assault a woman and all of a sudden it's the norm.

Well, I've never sexually assaulted a girl, but I have had THREE instances where a girl tried to force me into doing things with her. THREE! That's more than the average woman.

Here's the other thing. Yes, woman do get sexually assaulted more than me. It's a fact. And it's up to every man to ensure that he NEVER presses a woman farther than he wants. But how many sexual assaults are really just drunken regrets? AND, how many women have taken some form of martial arts to defend themselves? Women are at a physical dis-advantage to guys. I will admit it. And yes, there is no way a 12 year old girl can fend off her grandfather. I'll admit that too. But by the time your 18, with martial arts skill you'll be able to fend off your average attacker.

So how come women don't take self-defense classes? And I'm not talking about some class that's one saturday for 8 hours. I'm talking spending a year and take a couple of classes a week. These classes will get you into shape just as much as Yoga and give you a more practical application. Namely kicking some scum-bags ass when he tries to grab your butt.

Well, that's my rant. Comment how you'd like. I'm ready for it and I'm open minded enough to change my mind if you give me any good information.


At 10:22 AM , Blogger Naomi F. said...

Craig, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you by agreeing with you whole-heartedly. I read that same bit you referenced, and my reaction to that little line was "whatuh! howdje! imeana! pfft!!" And I can't say I've looked at those "End Violence Against Women!" posters and just smiled and nodded, either. Sometimes being around women gives me a terrible headache...

At 2:12 PM , Blogger Zach Stein said...

I totally agree with this as well, stuff like this always really annoys me.


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