Tuesday, February 07, 2006


You know. This week has been crazy.

First, I had a concert at Hood in our theatre. That was awesome. So many people came. I think we broke firecode. And! We sold a record number of demos! 15 to be exact. How cool is that?

Then Saturday we had another concert, but this was all the way in Pittsburg. So we're getting ready to go and my friend Audry emails me and tells me she wants to come up with us and take photos. Now, pittsburg is NOT close. It's like 4 hours away. So we tell her this but she really wants to go. So we pick her up and off to pitt.

That concert was really great, but in a different way. We played in this awesome little arty venue. We went on right after a Hip-Hop and a Funk band (we are neither). It was just a place where I don't think anyone likes are music, but they could tell it sounded good.

So then we finish packing and we're out of pitt on the way home by 2am. We get back around 6am (I'm dead tired at this point). I had to drive both ways because Audry can't drive a stick and my guitarist works the night shift and had had 14 hours of sleep in 4 days.

So then I slept from 6am until 11:30am cause I had plans at around noon. Well, I got stood up. Not cancelled on, but stood up. The girl I had plans with called me at 5pm. When she got off work. So I was pretty upset about that. But after I calmed down (she was really apologetic) I realized that sometimes people just make mistakes.

So then we had plans for yesterday evening. At 9pm (after my class and her work), and she stands me up again. Not as long this time. Till 10pm (so an hour). But still. That was harsh. I guess training went longer than they allocated. I told her that I don't mind her breaking plans with me, but don't just leave me hanging. If she's going to be more than late, to give me a call. I don't think any boss would have minded someone saying, "Oh, I thought this was only going to go on till 9, do you mind if I give someone a call so they don't worry?"

But yeah, that's where we stand right now. I ended up not hanging out with her again last night (so I haven't seen her since Friday at the concert and for 10 minutes on saturday). This morning I woke up and she had written me a note on my car apologizing, which made me feel better. But I guess I'm still a bit cautious. I really do like her, I just don't like that part about her. A good thing about her though is that she comes to a lot of my performances and events. She normally does make time for me, just not lately. But with school starting and everything, it will just take a bit for people to get back into the swing of things.

Well, now I'm stuck at work waiting to get off so I can actually SEE her. Rather than emailing eachother how we feel (I hate feelings and I hate having them).

-- Corith


At 5:22 PM , Blogger juxtaposer said...

Feelings are terrible, wonderful, beautiful, irrational things, aren't they?

It seems like you're having a really good time with the band. I wish I could come to a show, since I keep getting these facebook announcements, but I hope you understand exactly why I can't right now.

Just worry about settling in to a schedule and a routine...it's hard for a while, but then you adapt, and everything works out.

Love ya!



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