Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, a lot has happened...

Let's see. I'll post from most exciting to least.

1. I got my BRAND NEW iBOOK!!! It friggin rocks. I can't put it down, and with its 6 hour battery life I don't have to!

2. I'm single. No more gf to stop me from doing fun stuff! This is actually number 1, but I was too excited about my laptop. Actually, more so these go hand in hand, cause if I still had a gf, she wouldn't let me play with my iBook.

3. I'm finished moving. Now I just have to unpack. Yay for staying in one place for more than a week.

4. I have awsome friends. This is probably actually number 1. My life just keeps getting better as I type. How cool is that?!? Mainly I have awsome friends who get concerned when I fall off the face of the planet for a week. Then they email me (which I give them kudos for, cause I'm horrible at email). And they even apologize for over-reacting (which i don't think they did). But none-the-less, I have a cool friend, and you know who you are.

5. My roomate is awsome. He's single too so we've been having parties EVERY weekend in our room.

6. Met some cool freshman recently. They're pretty hot. Only downed by the fact that they're only a year older than my little brother.

Well, now I'm headed for the shower to get squeeky clean and go deposit a SHITLOAD of money in my account. I like financial responsibility.

Till later!
Corith Malin


At 1:51 PM , Blogger juxtaposer said...

Craig, I miss you. Come be the president-prophet soon, okay?


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