Sunday, July 31, 2005

Vacation Journal: July 29, 2005

Well, we found the cat's home today. It only took five phone calls to the humane society.

Today is the last night on the lake. We leave after breakfast tomorrow. I'm sad but relieved. I'm sad because I would really like to live here. I would be completely content just hanging out on the lake, working at some restaurant or bar.

I'm relieved because I've had about all I can take of Mike. This morning, all four of us start clearing the breakfast table and cleaning up. He rushes off to the bathroom and when he comes back crawls into his sleeping bag to read. Geez! I yelled at him to come help out. Do you know what his excuse was?!?
"Oh, I didn't think that five people would fit in the kitchen."

Now, just to give you an idea, two people don't fit in the kitchen, much less four or five. But the point is that everyone is working. SO I told him to go wipe off the table. I mean, when other people are working, I try to actually look for stuff to do. If I can't find anything then I ask to help. If, and only if, I am convinced that there is nothing else to do and the task at hand is a one-man-job, do I go relax.

Oh well, other than that we just laid out. Lesleh and I went out for a boat ride to the store. And now we're packing.

-- Craig


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