Friday, February 10, 2006

It's going well...

The rest of my week (so since tuesday) has been going remarkably well. A couple late nighters followed by early mornings, but that's not a HORRIBLE thing.

My classes are going well. I feel really ontop of the ball with them this semester. But I also just started, so we'll see.

I'm off to St. Mary's this weekend to celebrate my friend's 21st b-day. She's going to Africa for an exchange later this month, so I won't see her anytime soon after this.

I think that's it. I'm just at work right now coding, so I should get back to that.

Above is a picture from our concert last friday. That was the Hood show. We have a show at Sonar (02/26/2006) and a show at Fletcher's (03/04/2006) coming up. If you can come let me know. We have to pre-sell 50 tickets to each show so I need to sell some!

-- Corith


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